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Growing deep was developed based on the philosophy that, within Lutheran education, everyone exercises leadership within their sphere of influence. With this philosophy in mind, Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) have decided to approach the development of resources for Growing deep a little differently by drawing upon the wisdom, creativity and professionalism of the staff in schools and early childhood centres. LEA is offering six grants of $2000 each to support the development of resources and the implementation of Growing deep in Lutheran schools and early childhood centres.  The resources and/or professional learning activities will be made available to all Lutheran schools and early childhood services through the Growing deep website.


Key objectives of the grants are as follows:

  1. To assist schools develop resources for the implementation of Growing deep
  2. To unleash and grow the leadership capacity of leaders across Lutheran education
  3. To populate the Growing deep website with a range of resources that have been developed by a wide range of people in schools
  4. To ensure some equity in terms of the financial capacity of schools to release staff for such resource and professional learning development

Who can apply?

The grants are available to Lutheran schools or early childhood centres in Australia and are to be used to pay for the release of teachers and/or staff as they develop resources and/or professional learning experiences that will assist staff explore an aspect of Growing deep.

Suggested resources or professional learning

Examples of the kinds of resources or professional learning that could be developed include:

  • a spiritual retreat on how an aspect of the Lutheran lens shapes the way we see Excellence in learning or Community building or Focussing on outcomes
  • staff professional learning sessions on Ongoing improvement and innovation 
  • Governance resources to be used with school boards and councils
  • staff induction resources
  • a series of staff workshops to reflect on and grow the Culture of the school
  • staff planning meetings where Sharing for improvement provides the impetus to review the school improvement plan

 Selection criteria

A key aspect of the selection criteria will be the ability of the proposed resources and/or professional learning activities to have application in other contexts. The application should include an explanation of how the resources and professional learning will assist schools in their ongoing development and improvement.

Selection criteria for the resources and /or professional learning include:

  • Creative exploration and/ or application of an aspect of Growing deep
  • Alignment with the school improvement plan to improve the quality of learning for students
  • Application to other contexts

 Application process

  1. The applicant on behalf of the school completes the attached application form and returns it to Lutheran Education Australia.
  2. An independent panel appointed by Lutheran Education Australia assesses each application based on the selection criteria.
  3. The successful applicant is notified via a letter from the Executive Director of Lutheran Education Australia
  4. Lutheran Education Australia administers the distribution of grant funds through direct communication with the recipient.

Application form   


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